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Made by admins and caregivers for admins and caregivers. 6 Bed/RCFE Admin Solutions

Senior Wellness Solutions have owned and operated multiple 6 beds facilities for over 13 years.

“My own RCFE experience quickly revealed there needed to be an easier and more efficient way to operate and manage 6-bed homes while staying compliant with Title 22 and, most importantly, providing the care our residents deserve.”

Paul Krause
President / Founder Senior Wellness Solutions

Made by admins and caregivers for admins and caregivers, Senior Wellness Solutions (SWS) is a software / pharmacy solutions company for the RCFE 6-bed industry.

Our founders have an extensive background owning, managing and consulting with various clients while opening and running over a dozen homes in the past 13 years. This experience provides a unique understanding of the requirements and challenges in owning and operating 6-bed facilities and helped develop solutions to help drive DSS compliance and admin management and efficiency for your homes.

In addition, SWS leverages the ability to integrate pharmacy and wellness solutions into its software, RCFE Admin, providing turnkey service for 6-bed assisted living facilities.

Senior Wellness Solutions is a trusted partner in the 6-bed RCFE / assisted living industry, offering powerful easy to use tools with an integrated pharmacy solution keeping you compliant while allowing you to focus on what’s most important, our residents.

“With the help and advice of my caregivers and other admins I started to address the “pains” admins and caregivers face daily running successful homes financially, while still providing the level of care seniors deserve!

I wanted to create a solution to assist running homes so we could focus on the care for our residents. Not all the paperwork that goes with keeping a facility in compliance.

Streamline simple processes while managing all details in one place accessible from any computer, phone or device.”


Paul Krause


With over 13 years experience owning, managing and consulting RCFE’s clients, Paul, along with Dave, owned three RCFE’s for over 11 years as well as established more than 10 additional facilities for clients.

Jeff Brittain


With over 28 years of experience in the healthcare industry providing information systems integration services, Jeff is a leader in architect and design software and infrastructure solutions, providing competitive advantages to his clients.

Dave Krause

Business Development

Throughout his 40-year career, Dave has successfully owned and operated various small businesses, including three RCFE’s. He has also serviced as an RCFE consultant for the past 12 years.

Lisa Day


As a reputable leader in the RCFE space, Lisa’s years of experience as an owner and administrator for multiple facilities lends industry expertise to SWS.

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